On your computer:

  1. Open EmClient.

  2. At the top left of your application, select Menu.

  3. Select Tools.

  4. Select Settings

  5. On the left hand side, select Mail

  6. Under mail, select Templates and Signatures

  7. On the right hand side, select Signatures

2017-02-17 11_39_02-Settings.png

  1. Select Add Signature

  2. Enter a name for your signature

  3. Select the white dialog box below and compose your email signature. copy and paste the template below into the window. Select where you would like to insert the edjuster logo.  Use the attached document to see the exemple. 

  1. Select Insert Image from drop down menu

 2017-02-17 11_52_07-Settings.png

    12. Select the logo which you have saved on your machine. Should you require the logo please select the link below in order to download it.

** Should you need to download the logo, please wait till download is complete, save the logo someplace on your system where it will not get deleted and return to step 8 to complete your signature ** 

      13. Select OK

  1. Select OK

  2. Select which signature you would like to have appear when performing an according action

  3. Select Apply.