The process below will walk you through the required steps in order to disassociate content item data associated to a wrong claim in the mobile app. This will mostly likely occur when the incorrect claim was initially selected in exclaim mobile.

Please note that users with with supervisor and surrogate supervisor access (Can view all claims within a department or all departments) can not perform this task. 

  1. Open exclaim in your web browser (mobile phone or computer)

  2. Log into exclaim

  3. From your claims list,  select the claim that you have associated the incorrect content items to in exclaim mobile

  4. Remove your yourself as a collaborator from the claim and temporarily assign to your manager

  5.   Select Save

  6. Log into exclaim mobile app on your mobile device if not already logged in 

  7. From your claims list select the claim that you have associated the incorrect content items to

  8. Select Upload

  9. You will receive a notification on your phone that an error occurred during upload. 

  10. Select the 3 bars at the top left of the mobile app

    • Alternatively you can select the error notification by swiping down on your mobile device 

  11. Select Upload status

  12. Select the failed upload notice 

  13. Select the link icon next to the upload button 

  14. When prompt appears select ok to complete the dissociation of content data

  15. Return to your claims list in the mobile app and select the claim you had associated the incorrect content items to

  16. Select the Details tab 

  17. From the drop down menu select the correct claim to associate the contents

  18. From your claims select the correct claim and perform the upload as per usual 

  19. Ask your manager to re-assign you to the claim