Creating a Bundle or lot for items

  • From the Content List tab, check the white box beside the items for which you want to “Bundle”.  Please note that completing this task will change the numerous line items to one single line item.

  • Select “group actions”, choose “Create Bundle” from drop down list.

  • Add a new Description (example: lot of hand tools), quantity, age, etc...

  • Select Save

There are two ways to add receipts to a claim

  1. Adding receipts to a claim from the content tab

  • Once you have entered your claim. Click on the Content list tab

  • In the Search bar, search for the item you wish to enter the receipt.

  • Click on the item.  This will bring you to the Content Tab.

  • Click on the + sign under Receipts

  • Enter the Description, Brand, Model, Supplier, Quantity, and Receipt Unit Cost

  • Click on Save on the top of the screen.

  1. Adding receipts to a claim using the Receipts tab

  • To track replacement receipts submitted by the insured go to the Receipts Tab 

  • You will note the items originally assessed will be listed

  • To track receipts, click on the + sign beside the item (to the left). 

  • The item description will be copied to the orange line, however, this can be changed to reflect the item purchased. 

  • Fill in the Supplier and Unit Cost fields. 

  • Click Save

    • The item highlight will turn yellow to confirm the receipt successfully entered 

  • exclaim will add taxes (if applicable), subtracts the ACV paid , providing you with an amount owing.