Downloading an Importable SOL from the Claim tab

  1. Open your claim, and go to the Claim tab.

  2. Click on Import.

  1. Click on Use this link to download the Excel template.

  1. This will now download to your browser. Once complete, click on the downloaded template on the bottom left of your browser screen.

  1. This will now open the template in Excel.


This excel spreadsheet allows you to capture the lost or damaged items as part of an insurance claim.

Item #

The item number must be unique and will help in any communication between the insured and the adjuster. Please note that if multiple Schedule of Loss forms are used, the item numbers must be unique from any other forms.


This field is mandatory. Identifies the room where the item was located. 


This field is mandatory. Describe the item with as much detail as possible. (For example, Refrigerator, stainless steel, french door, water & ice dispenser)


Enter in the brand, if known. (For example, Maytag)


Enter in the Model Number, if known. (For example, MFX2876DRM)


This field is mandatory. Please enter the quantity of items. If the quantity refers to a lot or pack please include in description. (For example, 1 set)


Please enter the approximate age of the item in years. If you do not know, please leave the field blank. Ensure that if the age of the item is less than a year to leave the “year” field blank or enter 0.


Please enter the approximate age of the item in months. If you do not know, please leave the field blank. 

Original Cost

Please enter the original unit cost of the item. (For example, if there is a quantity 10 of an item and each item's unit cost is $15.00 then you would enter $15.00)


Please enter any additional notes or comments on an item that will help clarify.

How to insert or add additional rows

Depending on the number of individual items in your claim the number of items that you can enter can be expanded. 

To add the number of rows:

  1. You can use the normal excel techniques of selecting an entire row, right click and then select Insert. 

  2. You can enter the number of rows that you wish to insert in the text box and Click Add

Create Reference Numbers on Importable SOLs

When completing importable SOLs, it is important to ensure every line has a reference number.  Reference numbers should be sequential numbers only, using the format 0001.  Attributing reference numbers to the importable SOL should be the last thing you add to your list before saving it for importing.

To add reference numbers to an importable SOL:

  1. Complete the SOL with the insured, but do not create reference numbers at this time.  

  2. At the end, once you have entered all the contents on the list, go back and enter reference numbers before importing the spreadsheet to exclaim.

  3. In the top cell, in the reference number column, enter ‘0001 (apostrophe 0001).  This will force Excel to treat this information as text.  Press enter (the apostrophe will no longer be visible).

  1. Click back on that cell.  Hover over the square in the bottom right-hand corner of that cell (the fat + will turn into a skinny +).

  1. Click and drag your mouse down the column.  Consecutive numbers will auto-populate.

Please note:

  • Duplicate reference numbers will cause upload errors.

  • If you get a duplicate reference number error, go back to exclaim, find what the last numeric (number only) reference number was.  Begin the new reference numbers as the next sequential number.  (ie.  If the last reference number used in exclaim was 0215, the first reference number on the importable SOL should be 0216.)

  • To find the last reference number used in exclaim, go to the Contents List tab, and sort by reference numbers.

  • In this case, the last numeric reference number was 0022.  The first reference number on the importable SOL should be 0023. (see image below)