Sharing exclaim document photos via Google Drive

Chrome Users


  1. Log into exclaim

  2. Select the claim with the photos for which you want to share

  3. In the claim tab select documents 

  4. Document manager should appear

  5. Select the main folder(s) that have photos (select multiple folders if required)

    • To select multiple folders select one folder then press and hold control on your keyboard and select the remaining folders by clicking on them with your mouse

  6. Select download

  7. When download is complete select the arrow next to the downloaded zip file at the bottom left of your browser.

  8. Select View in folder 

  9. Right click on highlighted zip file

  10. Select open with and select Windows Explorer

  11. Drag the folder(s) onto your desktop

    • Alternatively you can create a new folder on your desktop and drag the Folder(s) into the new folder you have just created.

  12. Open your Google Drive

  13. Under MyDrive create a new folder with the insured's name and edjuster claim #

  14. Now return to the folder(s) with the photos that you previously put on your desktop

  15. Drag the folder(s) into the folder created in your google drive

  16. Wait till upload completes

    • A progress window will appear in the bottom right of your browser

  17. Right click on the folder created in your google drive

  18. Select Share

  19. Enter email of the person(s) you wish to share the photos with

  20. Select done

  21. The individuals that you entered will receive an email allowing them to view and download the images. 


** Important note **


Should you delete the the folder with the photos from your Google Drive the individuals with whom you have shared them with will no longer have access to them unless they have downloaded them.