How to Log into your Bria Account



Logging into your Bria Stretto Phone (If Applicable) should you have decided for the Bria Stretto desktop phone application instead of a physical hard phone, please follow steps below in order to get you up and running.

  1. On your desktop select the Bria Stretto icon  images.png

  2. When prompted for your Username and password enter the credentials you were provided via your completed IT Detail Sheet sent to your personal and corporate email by Support.



How to set up Your Polycom Phone


Should you have opted for a hard phone please follow steps below to get you up and running. 


  1. Find a suitable location for the phone (note you will have to connect the phone via a power cord and Ethernet cable)

  2. Plug in the power adapter to the phone and the other end into an available outlet

  3. Plug an ethernet cable from your router to the phone

  4. Phone should boot up after a minute or two 



Managing your Phone extension


  1. Open Chrome

  2. Select Sonar from the edjuster quick folder in the bookmarks bar or select link below.

  3. When prompted for your Username and password please refer to your IT info sheet which was provided to you by your manager/Support. 

  4. Once in the customer portal Please review the Self help guide at the bottom left of your screen. In addition you can select the link below for further self help features.