Adjusting The Date/Time on your system



1.  Right click on the clock on the taskbar, Select Adjust Date/Time. 

Date and Time - Change-right_click.jpg 


2. Select Change Time zone.

2017-05-04 12_21_41-Date and Time.png

** Ensure that the correct time is displayed, if not select appropriate time zone for your area. **



3. Select Change Date and Time.

Date and Time - Change-time_and_date_1.jpg 


4. If prompted by UAC, then click on Yes.

5. Select Today’s date from the calendar

6. Ensure the time under the clock is correct, if so hit OK

  • If time is not correct proceed to next step

7. Manually adjust the time under clock if required and hit OK

Date and Time - Change-time_and_date_2.jpg 

10. Click on OK.