On your computer:

  1. Open Gmail.

  2. You may be prompted to sign in using your Google Account credentials

  3. In the top-right, click the gear 2017-05-29 10_49_38-Inbox (6) - dkroeger@e-djuster.ca - edjuster Mail.png.

  4. Select Settings.

  5. Scroll down to the Signature section (stay in the "General" tab).

  6. Select the check box below No Signature

  7. Select Calibrias your font, size normal with black font

  8. Select the white dialog box below and compose your email signature. copy and paste the template below into the window

  9. Once you have completed your signature select where you would like insert your Logo 

  10. Select the “insert image button2017-05-29 10_57_46-Settings - dkroeger@e-djuster.ca - edjuster Mail.png.   Ensure image is sized normal.

  11. Select Web Address (URL) and paste the link below into the box. 

  12. Select Save Changes at the bottom of the page

Using the attached files are examples of what needs to be included in your signature.