Document Manager User Guide

How To:

File/Directory Selection:

  • Single Select:
    • click on a line.
  • Multi Select:
    • Range: Click on one line and then Click on the last line.
    • Diverse: Ctrl + Click on lines for selecting or de-selecting.

Create a Directory:

  • Click on the New Directory button.

Delete a File/Directory:

  • Select one or multiple Files/Directory.
  • Click on the Delete button.

Rename a File/Directory:

  • Select only one File/Directory.
  • Click on the Rename button.

Navigate Directories:

  • Moving into: Double Click a directory. Note the “Bread Crumb” has changed.
  • Moving back: Simply Click on the desired directory on the “Bread Crumb”.

Upload Files:

  • By Dragging:
    • Go inside the desired target directory.
    • From a Windows File Explorer, simply select the desired files and drag them inside the special box.
  • Button:
    • Click the Upload button.
    • Select the desired files.
    • Click the Open button.


You cannot select or drag a Directory.

Download Files:

  • Click the file’s link.